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Rolando Dirube, solo exhibition at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Caracas, Venezuela. November, 1978. Sculptures and drawings.

Rafael Soriano, Oil Paintings: 1977-1980, solo exhibition, DeArmas Gallery, Miami, FL. April, 1980. Paintings.

The Figure in Latin American Art, "The Figure in Modern Latin American Art," group exhibition, Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach, FL. January 22--March 1, 1981. Paintings.

Fernando Luís, Intrigantes y Fumadores, solo exhibition, DeArmas Gallery, Miami, FL. April 24--July 10, 1981. Paintings.

Gustavo Ojeda, "Ojeda and the Contours of the Real," solo exhibition, Pan-American Health Organization, Rotunda, Washington, DC. April, 1982. Paintings.

Rogelio Polesello, solo exhibition, Forma Gallery, Coral Gables, FL. February 4--March 2, 1983. Paintings and plexiglass sculptures.

Mario Algaze, Spirit of Place, solo exhibition, Gallery at Miami Dade Community College, North Campus, Miami, FL. October--November, 1983. Photographs.

Maria Martínez-Cañas, "Spatiality in the Photographs of Maria Martínez-Cañas," solo exhibition at the 4th Annual Fine Art Photography Exposition (AIPAD), New York, NY. November 3-6, 1983. Photographs.

Rogelio Polesello, solo exhibition, Museo de la Tertulia, Cali, Colombia. November--December, 1983. Paintings and sculptures.

Mario Bencomo, Insular Night: Invisible Gardens, "Bencomo's Spaces," Forma Gallery, Coral Gables, FL. February 17--March 13, 1984; Arteconsult Gallery, Panamá, March 13--April 10, 1984. Paintings.

Humberto Calzada, A World Within and Other Recent Paintings, "Calzada's A World Within," solo exhibition, Forma Gallery, Coral Gables, FL. May 18--June 20, 1984. Paintings.

César Trasobares, Quinceañeras Works, "Las Chaperonas," solo exhibition, Gallery at Miami Dade Community College, Wolfson Campus, Miami, FL. June 8--July 26, 1984. Assemblages.

R. F. Buckley, Landscapes: A Sculptural Discourse, "The Discourse of Sculpted Form," solo exhibition, Visual Arts Gallery at Florida International University, Miami, FL. June 15--July 20, 1984. Sculptures.

Julio Rosado del Valle, New Forms of Figuration, group exhibition, Center for Interamerican Relations, New York, NY. November 13, 1984--January 17, 1985. Paintings.

Robert Thiele & Debbie Schneider, "Thiele's Creative Paradox" and "Schneider and the Texture of Time," two-artist exhibition, Gallery at Miami Dade Community College, North Campus, Miami, FL. January, 1985. Sculptures and paintings.

Christopher Mangiaracina & Scott Hartley, "Various Thoughts on Mangiaracina and Hartley," two-man exhibition, Moosart Gallery, Miami, FL. October, 1985. Paintings.

Emilio Sánchez, "An Approach to the Image of Architecture in Emilio Sánchez," solo exhibition, Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, FL. April 10-28, 1985. Paintings.

Felix Angel, "Lines, Action, Planes," solo exhibition, Forma Gallery, Coral Gables, FL. April, 1985. Paintings and drawings.

New Traditions: Thirteen Hispanic Photographers, "Identifying the Links between Photography and Painting in Latin American Visual Thinking," group exhibition, New York State Museum, Albany, NY. October, 1986, touring the U.S. through 1989. Photographs.

Clarence Carter, "On Clarence Carter's Recent Paintings," solo exhibition, Gimpel & Weitzenhoffer Galleries, New York, NY. September, 1986. Paintings.
Maria Brito-Avellana, "Brito-Avellana: The Objectivity of the Imagination," solo exhibition, Gallery at Kennesaw College, Marietta, GA. April--May, 1987. Sculptures.

Arnaldo Roche Rabell, "Arnaldo Roche: The Poetics of Identity," solo exhibition, Cultural Center, Chicago, IL. September, 1987.

Ramiro Llona, "The Traditions of Abstract Reference: Ramiro Llona and Latin American Art," solo exhibition, Nohra Haime Gallery, New York, NY. February 24--March 26, 1988. Paintings.

¡Mira! The Canadian Club Hispanic Art Tour III, 1988-89," Latin American Aesthetics in North America: The "Hispanic" Artist and the Value of Legacy," group exhibition, opening at the Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA March 29, 1988 and touring the U.S. through 1989. Paintings, drawings, assemblages and photographs.

Fernando La Rosa, "The Images of Fernando La Rosa," solo exhibition at Nexus Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, GA, May 28--June 25, 1988. Photographs.

Arnaldo Roche Rabell, "The Imagination as Dialogue in the Paintings of Arnaldo Roche," solo exhibition at the St. Louis Gallery of Contemporary Art, St. Louis, MO, June 15--August 14, 1988. Paintings.

Clarence Carter, "The Poetics of Representation in Clarence Carter," retrospective exhibition at Art Galleries, Lehigh University (Sept 22--Oct 30, 1988) and Payne Gallery, Moravian College (Oct. 14--Nov 11, 1988), Bethlehem, PA. Paintings and drawings.

Rocío Rodríguez, "The Poetry of the Figure in the Paintings of Rocío Rodríguez," solo exhibition at the McIntosh Gallery and the Arts Exchange, both in Atlanta, GA. March 18--April 15, 1989. Paintings.

Costa Rican Art Today: New Directions. "Costa Rican Art and the Latin American Visual Imagination," group exhibition of ten artists, Museo de Arte Costarricense, San José, Costa Rica, May, 1989. Paintings, assemblages, and sculptures.

Ronald González, "Among the Ruins of the Familiar: A View of Ronald González," solo exhibition at the Intar Gallery, New York, NY, March 27--May 4, 1990. Sculptures.

Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar, "Ramírez Villamizar and Latin American Visual Thinking," solo exhibition, Galería Durbán, Caracas, Venezuela. May-June, 1990. Catalogue also contains texts by Carlos Silva, Federico Morais, and Marta Traba. Sculptures.

Paul Sierra, solo exhibition, Louis Newman Galleries, Beverly Hills, CA. June 14-28, 1990. Paintings.

Bocaracá, group exhibition of Costa Rican artists at the Colegio Internacional SEK, Costa Rica, June, 1990. Paintings, assemblages, and sculptures.

Agustín Cárdenas, solo exhibition at Galería Durbán, Caracas, August--September, 1990. Catalogue also includes texts by André Breton, Octavio Paz, and Carlos Silva. Sculptures.

Humberto Calzada, solo exhibition, Gloria Luria Gallery, Bay Harbour Island, FL, October, 1990. Paintings.

Pedro Barreto, "Pedro Barreto: A Dialogue of Elements," solo exhibition, Galería Durbán, Caracas, July-August, 1991. Catalogue also includes text by Carlos Silva. Sculptures.

Cundo Bermúdez, "Cundo Bermúdez and the Theatre of Painting," solo exhibition of paintings, Galería Durbán, Caracas, October--November, 1991.

Adonay Duque, "Adonay Duque and the Painting of Being," solo exhibition, Ambrosino Gallery, Coral Gables, FL, February 1992. Paintings.

Luís Lizardo, "Between Terrain and Garden: The Paintings of Luís Lizardo," solo exhibition, Ambrosino Gallery, Coral Gables, FL, March 1992. Paintings.

Fernando de Szyszlo, Fernando de Szyszlo: Las Puertas de la Noche, 1967-1992, "Szyszlo: La Originalidad de un Pensador," retrospective solo exhibition, Museo de Bellas Artes, Santiago de Chile, 1992 (traveled to other venues in Latin America). Catalogue published by Ediciones Alfred Wild, Bogotá, 1992. Paintings.

Rafael Soriano, "Soriano: Light as Utterance," solo exhibition, Gary Nader Gallery, Coral Gables, FL, August 1992. Paintings.

Humberto Castro, "Temporality and the Theatre of the Body," solo exhibition, Ambrosino Gallery, Coral Gables, FL, December 1992. Paintings.

Julio Antonio, "Self and the Hidden Spiral," solo exhibition, Galería Leonora Vega, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Art Miami Fair, January 1993. Paintings.

Florencio Gelabert, "Florencio Gelabert: Recent Sculptures," solo exhibition, Fred Snitzer Gallery, Coral Gables, FL, January 1993. Sculptures.

Víctor Valera, "Víctor Valera," solo exhibition, Galería Durbán, Caracas, March-April, 1993. Sculptures.

Julio Antonio, Painting, Drawing, and Works on Paper 1992 Fellowships, "Julio Antonio," group exhibition, Southern Arts Federation, Atlanta, GA, Spring 1993.

Guillermo Trujillo, "Nuchos Modernos y Antiguos," Retrospective, Museo de Arte Moderno de Panamá, August 1993. Paintings.

Nicolás Leiva, "Nicolás Leiva: Enigma as Origin of Image," solo exhibition, Gary Nader Gallery, Coral Gables, FL, September 1993. Paintings.

Luís Medina, "The Theatre of Visual Thought: The Latin American Sensibility of Luís Medina," solo exhibition, Art Institute of Chicago, November 1993. Photographs.

Melquíades Rosario, "Melquíades Rosario Sastre: Of Matter and Tropes," solo exhibition, Chase Manhattan Bank, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico, March 1994. Sculptures.

Pablo Soria, "Pablo Soria: A Poetry of Intersections," solo exhibition, Meza Fine Arts, Coral Gables, FL, March 1994. Paintings.

Gloria Fiallo, "Gloria Fiallo: Tactics and Syntax," solo exhibition, Meza Fine Arts, Coral Gables, FL, November 1994. Paintings.

Julio Larraz, "Larraz et le sens epique de la vie," solo exhibition, Gallerie Vallois (Paris), May-July, 1995. Paintings.

Fernando de Szyszlo, "Szyszlo's Dwelling Rooms," solo exhibition "Habitación No. 23," Galería Durbán, Caracas (July 1995) & Durbán-Segnini Gallery, Miami, FL (Nov. 1995). Paintings.

Rafael Soriano, "Rafael Soriano: Light's Way," solo exhibition, Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Sept 9--Nov 19, 1995. Paintings.

Pablo Soria, "Some Thoughts on Pablo Soria," solo exhibition, Meza Fine Arts, Coral Gables, FL, October 1995. Paintings and an installation.

Eva Jawerbaum, "Emergence as Creativity," solo exhibition, De Santi Gallery, Buenos Aires, June 1996. Prints and works on paper.

Olga de Amaral, Olga de Amaral: Nine Stelae and Other Landscapes, "The Nine Stelae of Olga de Amaral," solo exhibition, Fresno Art Museum, Fresno, CA (traveling), September 1996--October 1997. Weavings.

Olga de Amaral, "En Torno a las Estelas," solo exhibition, "Olga de Amaral: Estelas," Galería Diners, Bogotá, August--November 1996. Weavings.

Hernán Dompé, "An Approach to Hernán Dompé," solo exhibition, "Hernán Dompé: Una Luz en el Cerro," Der Brucke Gallery, Buenos Aires, November 1996.

Rolando López Dirube, "Dirube: compromiso con el crear," solo exhibition, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico, San Juan, January--March 1997. Sculptures, paintings, drawings, prints.

Armando Morales, "Morales and Light" in solo exhibition, Gary Nader Fine Arts, Coral Gables, FL, April 1997. Paintings.

Gustavo López Armentía, "The Art of Finding Oneself Lost," solo exhibition, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires & Reece Galleries, New York, NY, May 1997. Paintings and sculptures.

Olga de Amaral, "Olga de Amaral: The Intimate Labyrinth of Surface," solo retrospective exhibition 1965-1996, Musée de la Tapisserie Contemporaine, Angers, France, fall 1997. Weavings and Woven Sculptures.

Jesús Rafael Soto. Soto Virtual, "Soto and the Self," solo exhibition, Galería Durbán, Caracas, Venezuela, June 29--Aug. 31, 1997. Sculptures and installations.

Brooke Alfaro. Cuando Nuestros Mundos se Cruzan. "Brooke Alfaro: Cuando Nuestros Mundos se Cruzan," solo exhibition, Galería Ramis Barquet, Monterrey, N.L., México, 1997.

Juan José Molina. En Blanco y Negro (In Black and White), solo exhibition, Galería Durbán, Caracas, Venezuela, May 17--June 20, 1998. Paintings and Drawings.

Elizabeth Cerejido. Escucho: Desnudos, "I Listen--Nudes by Elizabeth Cerejido," solo exhibition, Galería Municipal Pancho Fierro, Lima, Perú, Sept 7--Oct. 20, 1998, & Miami-Dade Community College Art Gallery, Kendall Campus, Feb 12-26, 1999, Miami, FL.

Ernesto Zaléz. El Oro de los Vicios. "Becoming: Zaléz" (Convirtiendo: Zaléz), solo exhibition, Galería Durbán, Caracas/ Durbán-Segnini, Miami, May 1999. Paintings and sculptures.

Tulio Romano. Lugares comunes. "The Complex Humor of Tulio Romano," Der Brucke Gallery, Buenos Aires, solo exhibition, 1999. Sculptures.

Melquiades Rosario. Botello Gallery, San Juan, solo exhibition, 1999. Sculptures.

Humberto Aquino, "The Liquid Stage: an Approach to Humberto Aquino," Retrospective Exhibition 1966-1999, Second Lima Art Biennial, Lima, Perú, Oct-Dec, 1999. Pedro de Osma Museum, Lima, April--May, 2000. Paintings and Drawings.

Humberto Castro, Humberto Castro: the Paris Years 1989-1999, "Body Tenses: the Art of Humberto Castro," survey of previous ten years of work, Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, 2001.

Arnaldo Roche-Rabell, “Fraternos,” traveling exhibition, Museo de Arte de Ponce, Puerto Rico, et al 2002-03.

Rubén Torres-Llorca, “Time, Ambiguity and Symbol in the work of Rubén Torres-Llorca,” solo exhibiton at Praxis International Art Gallery, Coral Gables, FL, 2006.

Luís Felipe Noé, “¿Qué? Noé,” solo exhibition at Galería Rubbers Internacional, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2006.

Luisa Richter, “Manifiesto del Tiempo,” solo exhibiton at Galería de Arte Ascaso, Caracas, Venezuela, 2007.

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